Effective Activism

This site is here to point out the problems and identify working solutions.  If it had only happened to the Libertarian Party then we could just blame the individuals involved.  However, the same patterns have appeared over and over again as freedom-oriented Americans attempt to re-establish freedom as the status quo. 

Transitioning to all kinds of active infrastructure which provides stability, reasonable returns for investments, and encourages cooperation should always have been the goal.  These actively demonstrate how freedom works.


PAYE - Percentage As You Earn
   This took was used by Jack Kemp when he sold off federal housing as head of the HUD in 1989.  The originator of these tools is one of our team, Brock d'Avignon, an original founder for ISIL.
    Bio and Mission

Health Portal
   Using insurance tools which keep control in the hands of those using the insurance tool as a form of finasurance we can deliver free choice and health to everyone.  We are designing an entry protocol to rapidly improve health and productivity for all Americans who sign up.

Homeless In America
   Analyses of the cause of homelessness point to intentional abuses by the financial industry, among others.  Following the proven success of HousingFirst in Utah and North Carolina programs we plan to house, provide Health Portal, and extended training chosen by participants.  This is paid for through PAYE investors.  

PACT People Act
   Defending your home, family and health from the encroaching impact of pollution and holding polluters accountable to us as individuals can be accomplished by locally monitoring for accurate data, health surveys and tests, putting insurance and reinsurance companies on notice and going forward with sustainable transitions to clean energy.  We have all of these in hand.

Here is a list of other projects worth supporting.

Sheriff Mack - Make sure your county sheriff supports the Constitution 
Move power back to the most local level
    Madison Amendment 

Election Integrity 
Local Growing 
Restart Local Commerce 
     Metro Farming 
Home Schooling 

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