Why Reboot

The Libertarian Party has received the blood, sweat, tears, and hopes of over two generations of activists, people who were investing in a movement which represented their best hope to turn back the forces of fascism now overwhelming our nation. I was there, I remember.

These sacrifices were not made to build and sustain a social club, or to allow a small group of people to position themselves for their own profit.

The Libertarian Party was intended as a tool to enact freedom, real freedom based on the principles of the free market, honoring and protecting the human rights of all humanity.

To date, the Libertarian Party has accomplished nothing. Today, as Americans face immediate danger from the state and teeter on the edge of economic disaster the Libertarian Party continues to squabble over office space and raise money which goes down the black hole of salaries.

Failing to learn from the mistakes piled up by past movements, including those of Classical Liberalism and Conservatism, the LP has been left in a back wash of political irrelevancy, superseded by the Ron Paul Movement and then the Tea Party and Occupy Movements.

Each of these later movements has encountered the same problems which emasculated the LP, but these more than ominous parallels have, also, been ignored.

Political parties, and other organizations are tools. They have no real existence outside of our minds and the conventions of human culture. Only people have rights, and the mission of the LP was people, their lives, their ability to realize their hopes and care for themselves and their families. A tool which has failed needs to be hauled off to the Salvation Army so something that does work can fill the void and do the job.

The statements above are assertions which many will recognize as true immediately. However, many activists and people in the public are unaware of what happened. Here, we fill in the gaps in knowledge.

When we, as individuals, understand what happened we can take corrective action, avoid the mistakes and deceptions of the past, and move forward to get the job done. 

We say NO to reinventing the square wheel.  

There are many of us who know the truth. Will, Gail, and I are going to start filling in those gaps so you can see what happened and why. If you have questions, contact us.

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